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Success Stories

The Tree Plantation Drive in AIS-46

A tree plantation drive was conducted by the interactors of Amity International School-46 and rotaractors as a part of our ongoing project for the session 2008-09, on Saturday, 06 September 2008.
A group of 11 interactors, the teacher-in-charge and 5 rotractors assembled at school by 8a.m. in high spirits. A small, barren plot of land, in front of the school had been identified and prepared a couple of days prior to the event. The saplings to be planted had been generously organized by the Principal, Ms. Neetii C. Kaoshik. It was completely wet and slushy from the rains the previous night, making it difficult to stand on the ground but the unexpected showers made the tree plantation more convenient. The weather was ideal - although it was a sunny day it didn't feel like one as there was a strong, cool breeze blowing. Everyone enjoyed being outdoors in the lovely weather. The saplings of the 'chandini' trees, manure and the equipment needed was collected at the site with the help of the school gardener and helpers.
The gardener first stretched a piece of rope from one to the other end of the ground to make sure the saplings were planted in a straight line. The first sapling was planted by our respected principal, Ms. Neetii C. Kaoshik. Then everyone took turns to plant trees. After planting one row of saplings we moved to the other row which was at a distance of a half a meter. Manure was added to the freshly planted saplings. All the interactors and rotaractors present on the occasion participated enthusiastically in the event. Once the planting was finished off with, we clicked many pictures with our teacher in-charge, Ms. Anila Kaul and our principal Ms. Neeti C. Koushik. We also discussed with each other to start planting trees in our neighborhood to spread greenery and we are sure many people will support us in our plan.
We were informed by our Principal that the school has also taken over a park next to our school and we plan to start work on it in the coming months. We wound up the day by relaxing over sandwiches and juice, provided by the school after washing up.
Interactor, Vaibhavi Shaunak

Report on the Seggregation of Bio-degradable Waste Campaign of the Interact Club

Keeping in tune with the school's sensitivity about the care for the environment, the Interactors of AIS sec 46 have begun the seggregation of waste as a part of their project for the year 2008- 09. Posters have been designed and put up by the Interactors in the middle and senior wing of the school, giving information and instructions to the students on how to go about doing this. The biodegradable waste will be added in the compost heap for the herb garden in the school.
The Interact Club has done the following after going to each class to inform the students and request them to help make this project a success.
1. Large polybags are kept in each class to collect scraps of paper- which are collected by the Interactors of classes 8 and 9 to be recycled.
2. Posters have been put up on class notice boards requesting students to throw all biodegradable waste in large dustbins placed on all three floors near the water coolers where most students go during the lunch break.