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Our Activities

"Uthaan is Gurgaon based Non Government Organization which is doing charitable work for different strata of society. Various fields in which this NGO is active are:"

Green Movement

NGO has made Gurgaon's top school members for this endeavor. Major schools which are part of Eco Club are DPS, Amity, Ryon, APS, Summer Fields, Chiranjiv Bharti, IILM, Shalom International, and American Excelsior. Students of member school are involved in plantation movement in School as well as their respective localities. So far we've done plantation of more than 50,000 plants saplings with survival rate of more than 85%. Each student or their family adopts 5-6 plants saplings on personal basis which ultimately results in such a good survival rates of plants.

Woman Upliftment

Volunteers who are Doctors, Nutritionist & from other related fields devote at least one day in a month for conducting camps in different villages especially for rural woman. In addition to usual health check up the efforts is more towards creating awareness about women's right. Sometimes State Dept. are also involved. Camps have been conducted so far in more than 34 villages of Rajasthan & Haryana.

Water Harvesting

NGO has opened a special cell wherein volunteers are motivating residents of Gurgaon to get the water harvesting done in their Houses or Localities. We've got a separate vehicle mounted bore machine for water harvesting so that it can be done on short notice. So far more than 1300 houses/area water harvesting has been done in coordination with Uthaan on no profit basis.

Why Rain Water Harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) means collection and storage of rainwater. The collected rainwater can be stored for direct use or can be recharged into the groundwater.

Benefits of rainwater Harvesting:

» Quality of ground water improves.
» Raises the water levels in wells and borewells that are drying up.
» Mitigates the effect of drought and achieves drought proofing.
» An ideal solution to water problem in areas having inadequate water resources.
» Reduces the soil erosion as the surface runoff reduced.
» Choking of storm water drains and flooding of roads decreases.
» Saving of energy to lift groundwater. One meter in water levels saves about 0.40 kilo watt hour of electricity.


Vermiculture or earthworm rearing is ancient method of soil up gradation by organic means without any use of Chemicals. Uthaan is propagating this system thru its work force of student. Small demo kits of Vermiculture having earthworms are installed in member schools to demonstrate & produce organic manure. This way system is propagated in Society.

Organic Cultivation

NGO thru its volunteers is contacting farmers to showcase the advantage of organic cultivation without the use of Chemical fertilizers & pesticides. We conduct farmers meet along with extension workers from Govt. office & present the facts to farmer. So far NGO is able to motivate good numbers of cultivators to opt for organic system of cultivation.

Animal Ambulance

NGO has tied up with National Highway Authority of India for Gurgaon-Kotputli section of NH-8 wherein if any animal accident is reported its volunteers coordinate with NHAI to shift/bury the affected animal. NGO has already submitted proposal for recognition to Animal Welfare Board, Chennai and baying to put an Animal Ambulance for the same.

Medicinal Plants Propagation

NGO having its medicinal plants at Village Nakhdola where more than 30 rare species of medicinal plants are kept. Simultaneously NGO is helping member school to set up Medicinal Plants Herbarium at school premises to broaden its appeal of preservation of Gene Bank

Solar Energy Promotion

NGO in association with Aditya Solar shop of Haryana State Govt. has so far demonstration at 28 schools for making solar equipment uses more common and appealing