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Our Projects

City Soleckshaw (Solar Rickshaw)

An Intervention for the Socio Economic Development of Rickshaw Driver's Community
In last week of January 2011, Uthaan has launched City soleckshaw, i.e. battery operated rickshaw in gurgaon.
The intervention is a result of joint efforts of Uthaan and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.
The idea behind the intervention is to provide eco friendly economical transport solution at the end of the passengers and a better and improved livelihood solution at the end of rickshaw drivers.
Presently the city soleckshaw shuttle service is running in sushant estate where five soleckshaw are catering to the short distance transport needs of the inhabitants of sushant estate.
The service is getting high round of applause from the residents of sushant estate who have shifted from traditional rickshaw to this soleckshaw. "Now my cell phone always gives the busy tone as people calling me every now and then for the soleckshaw service" says sarabjit, one of the soleckshaw driver.
Soleckshaw in news - Soleckshaws show the way on city roads, have you taken a ride yet?

Plantation Drive

Plants of different varieties meant for avenue plantations at our Nursery. Any member school can have plants FREE of cost from the nursery. Plants are to be planted social purpose and member school are bound to ensure survival of plants.

Vermiculture Unit

Earthworms are live factories of making natural fertilizer which are available in market by the name of vermicompost, Earthworm eat & digest almost all biodegradable wastes & provide us with vermicompost which is chemical free organic manures.
For demonstration of vermicompost unit School can sand student to farm where we've set up a live demo unit working 24 hrs. This unit start production with in 2 Months.

Solar Equipment Demonstration

We arrange demo of Solar equipments like Solar lanterns, Fans & water heating system in school in coordination with State Dept.
There is NO COST involved. Only school has to arrange for transportation of Specialist from Aditya Solar shop (To & Fro).
In case School wants to install these gadgets in school we help to get them on subsidized rates directly from State Govt. Shop.

Visit from for farming activities

School can sand students to NGO's farm cum nursery where various farm operation like showing of seed, weeding, transplanting, harvesting, picking, tractor drawing/riding take place.
It's picnic cum learning experience for student where they perform all these active by there own hands. In fact we've started a novel concept where each school is given separate field (identified by their names) Student do all farming operation in that field fro sowing to harvesting & take crop/produce to school/home. It's a great learning process for them.
Hygienic food and mineral water is provided at farm itself @ 65/-

Water Harvesting system in School

We can provided the basic guidelines of water harvesting system FREE of cost School can get the work done by there own mason/contractor
We can also provide a working model of Water Harvesting for display.
(Rather we'll help students to make a model in school itself)

Bonsai Making

This is Japanese art of making miniature plants.
School can stat this major activity in school itself where our specialist will Conduct classes for practical.
In 6-9 classes students can learn & create bonsai's their own.

Setting up Herbal Garden in School

We provide more than 20 species of rare herbal plants in pots for setting up a herbal garden in school premises itself. Cost of these plants can be taken from coordinator

Installation of Solar Water Heaters

Uthaan has helped a Deaf & Dumb school in Gurgaon with installation of Solar Water Heater System

Women Car Rally

Women Car Rally is meant for those Ladies who dare to take part in Rallies but so far not able to do it by some reasons. This is based on TSD format viz Time , speed and Distance. Rally is more towards adhering road rules and regulation and than winning it. It remains most of the time on main roads with 5% off roader. However lot of interesting formats are added subsequently e.g reverse driving (breaking another myth that ladies cannt back the vehicle).
Rally takes the participants to Rural India - we make sure they interact with Local artisans like potters, blacksmiths to have real interaction . NGO is working at grass root level so we take participants to meet our real workers and members.
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PCRA Project

PCRA is a Central Govt Organization with a mandate to spread message of Fuel conservation. This is being done through NGO's in different part of India. Uthaan is conducting Energy conservation Seminars/Workshops in different state
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