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9th Women Car Rally

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9th Women Car Rally

Uthaan is once again conducting 9th Women Car Rally this year, come and join today...

This is in continuation to earlier communication. This year to save time and paper we've made the registration online.

9th Women's Car Rally
Saturday, 21st March 2015.

For registrations, please click on the below link:

9th Women's Car Rally Registration Form

Rally will be flagged off from Gurgaon and will terminate near Sikar in Shekhawati Region (Rajasthan). This year's rally will not just test your driving skills but also your cycling and running skills. There are loads of programs to celebrate & end the day on a grand note; like Cultural Programs, Games and Music.

The registration fee per car : Rs 10,500/-(Driver and a Navigator)

Additional Person : Rs 4,250/-

The payment can be either made by Cheque or Online Transfer.

For online transfers, bank details:

Account Name :
Current Account Number: 111511011000562
Bank Name: Andhra Bank
Branch Address: Sector 31, Gurgaon
ISC Code: ANDB0001115

There is an early bird discount of Rs 2,000/- for registrations done before 31st January.

** Please contact us on +91 9811175332 or uthaan.ngo@gmail.com for any query or questions

Facebook Links:
Uthaan: https://www.facebook.com/UthaanNGO?ref=hl
Rural Trails: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rural-Trails/900718663276353?ref=hl
Women's Car Rally: https://www.facebook.com/WomensCarRally?fref=ts

Women Car rally is unique initiative started by Uthaan in 2007.

There was no Car rally for women at that time and Uthaan being a Woman centric organization took the challenge of organizing it first time in 2007. We started with 28 brave ladies in 2007 and set up Indian Record of India's Longest Women Car rally that year itself. Since then this event is growing by leaps and bounds - In fact now we get participants from Bhopal, Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Chennai. Last year in 2011 there were 96 participants.

Women Car Rally is meant for those Ladies who dare to take part in Rallies but so far not able to do it by some reasons. This is based on TSD format Viz Time, Speed and Distance. Rally is more towards adhering road rules and regulation and than winning it.

It remains most of the time on main roads with 5% off roader. However lot of interesting formats are added subsequently e.g. reverse driving (breaking another myth that ladies cannot back the vehicle).

Rally takes the participants to Rural India - we make sure they interact with Local artisans like potters, blacksmiths to have real interaction. NGO is working at grass root level so we take participants to meet our real workers and members.

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